Never in a million years did I think I would be boxing and ACTUALLY loving it as well?

People have always assumed I am someone who does a lot of exercise. I think it’s because I am quite a restless person and am constantly on the move. Also just a tip for you, if you want people to think you’re a fitness fanatic just walk around in exercise clothes, seemed to the do the trick for me.

But the truth was, I did hardly any exercise. I played netball once a week and I just walked everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE. I would often walk from my flat in Clapham into Central London which takes a good hour and a half and I’d rarely use the tube. I for some reason have always had shocking stamina so a run was totally out of the question. I had friends who smoked and partied a lot and could still run a marathon with ease but at school I was always a sprinter, never a runner. I don’t know why, I just don’t have good stamina so walking it was.

Now I am not saying walking isn’t exercise and I really enjoyed it but do you know what you don’t get from walking? ENDORPHINS! I always felt better after a long walk but I wasn’t sweating, I didn’t get that euphoric high from my walk that you get from running or a high intensity exercise class. So for me it wasn’t enough and I knew I needed to find my ‘thing’.

Boy did it take a long time to find my ‘thing’. I tried yoga on numerous occasions (all I did throughout each class was think what I wanted to eat after), hot yoga (looking at other peoples sweat drip onto the floor was just too much for me), 80s aerobics (I actually enjoyed this class but it was only on once a week), kick boxing (boxing into the air feels like it’s boxing created for women and I don’t like that), going to the gym ( I DETEST going to the gym, I feel like a hamster on a wheel when I am on the treadmill, I’m running but I’m sure as f*ck not getting anywhere).

I can’t for the life of me remember how I found out about 1Rebel boxing but it was something I hadn’t tried before so I thought what have I got to lose? So I signed up to a 30 minute Rumble class at first just in case I hated it like everything else I had tried. I think I was only about 10 minutes into the class when I thought ‘F*CK I LOVE THIS’ and I walked out of the class feeling amazing. I had some serious euphoria going on!

What’s so good about the Rumble class is that it’s not just boxing, they mix up boxing with cardio exercises and every trainer does something different so the classes never become monotonous which is perfect for me as I get bored very quickly.

I have a history of fairly chronic anxiety which I battled with for years and I know exercise can do wonders for it but I never realised until now how much it can help. People always used to tell me how helpful it can be but I just thought I was someone who hated most forms of exercise so what was the point…..turns out I was wrong, oh so wrong!

I think with boxing in particular I find it incredible for my anxiety because the class is so intense and fast that it distracts me from my own mind/thoughts. It’s also dark with very loud music, which I know some people would hate but I love it. You all have your own punching bag and I can’t tell you how much punching that bag relieves so much of my stress and produces so many endorphins. If there is something I am particularly stressed or worried about I really channel that when I am boxing so it’s extremely cathartic. When I walk out that room I feel both physically and mentally stronger, like I could take on anything and that is a feeling I had never really experienced before and I wanted MORE.

It sounds slightly cringe but boxing seriously changed my life. Not only has it greatly reduced my anxiety levels but physically I look stronger, I am more toned and it has become an integral part of my life now. So to anyone reading this, who thinks that they just hate all exercise and can’t be arsed, I guarantee it’s because you just haven’t found your ‘thing’ yet so keep trying different things out and I promise that you will just KNOW when you have found ‘IT’. I never thought that boxing would be mine and it still surprises me every time I go that I am not dreading it, I am actually looking forward to it. Which is the opposite to how I felt when I used to drag myself to the gym or yoga. There is honestly no point doing something if you don’t enjoy it because you will always end up quitting. I started boxing 3 months and religiously go 3 times a week and will continue doing so until I am old and grey.

I am officially part of the REBEL ARMY and I bloody love it!

If you want to try out 1Rebel to see if it’s your ‘thing’ find them here:


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