Who I Am & What I do...


My name is Emily Hartridge and well I am a ‘Slasher’. I would explain what this is but the clue is in the title really…

I am a Presenter/Youtuber/Comedian/Writer/Actress

I know- what a cliche!

 I have a YouTube show called ’10 Reasons Why’ which takes a wry, witty look at the world we live in. It broadcasts every Monday on Youtube, exploring a whole range of issues from why men cheat, to why you shouldn’t diet and why you should get drunk at work.
 With over 3 million viewers a month and having been referred to as ‘the latest internet sensation’ by Cosmopolitan, LOOK magazine and the Mail Online, my show has been picked up internationally, including Australia where I featured on the country’s flagship morning show, Good Morning Australia. I have interviewed some of the world’s biggest movie stars including Russell Brand (which famously ended in a cake fight-he started it), Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne and my highest viewed video on Youtube has received over 18 million views.


I continue to work with a number of production companies and broadcasters on exciting new projects. I recently fronted my own 4OD show ‘Oh Sh*t I’m 30′ which investigates the pressures of hitting ’30’, with each episode tackling a different subject including work/life balance, ageing and exploring your sexuality in your 30s.

So welcome to my website, take a look around and have a laugh. Whether you’re laughing with me or at me, it’s the same result in the end 🙂

Emily x