I recently went to Salcombe in Devon with ALL my family and there are a lot of us…

It was:

Charlotte (my older sis)
Jess (younger sis)
Alice (twin of Jess)
Ed (Charlotte’s husband)
Bertie (Alice’s boyfriend)
Arlo (Charlotte’s son)
Winter (Charlotte’s daughter)

So yeah as I said. There was A LOT of us 🙂

I love to film when I go away because I love the memories these videos create and they are something we can all look back on in years to come and treasure them.

Unfortunately these kind of vlogs don’t do so well on my channel because well, they don’t have boobs in the title (oh dear) but I don’t care because I love making these videos so much and I hope you all enjoy watching them (for those of you who are less bothered about the lack of boob chat).

Anyway, here is the vlog. Enjoy…..